Laser Rig Settings

Below, we've put together a table with kicker, downhaul and outhaul settings for your Laser whilst on various points of sail and in differing wind strengths.

  Kicker Cunningham Outhaul
Light Just take out slack at 50mm before block to block Fully Off 150mm depth at centre
Medium Just tensioned past block to block Slightly tensioned, take out vertical creases 100mm depth

Tension past block to block so that boom end does not rise when m/sheet is eased in gusts

Max tension - cringle is as close to the boom as possible 50mm depth
Light Boom just above 90 degrees to mast Off 150-200mm
Medium Boom at or just above 90 degrees to mast depending on wind angle Off 150mm
Strong Same as medium wind setting Half Tension 50-100mm


Light Fully off so that leach flicks but not too loose to reduce power Off 200mm
Medium Slightly tension from light setting so that boom is just above 90 degrees to mast and leach flicks Off 150mm
Strong Slightly tension from medium setting to stabilise leach but boom not below 90 degrees to mast. Sheet in more so that leach is not too far forward of mast. Off or Half Tension 50-100mm

In the table above, "block to block" refers to the mainsheet tension required to pull the two rear boom blocks together, hence block to block. Upwind the kicker can be set using the relative block to block boom position described.