Adult Courses

Level 1

An introduction to Dinghy Sailing that will allow you to get afloat for the first time, or brush up on the basics under the watchful eye of an instructor.

Level 2

A level 2 sailing course will build on the skills learnt in Level 1, allowing you to gain confidence and become more independent. There is a greater focus on upwind/downwind sailing and the triangular course and extending  basic seamanship skills and knowledge.

Level 3

For those wishing to get some more practice in and reach a higher level before moving onto the advanced sailing modules.

Seamanship Skills

The Seamanship Skills course builds on knowledge from the final adult and children sailing courses.

It will teach you more about different manoeuvres afloat and various aspects of sailing theory, helping you gain more confidence and hone your skills, learning how to deal with difficult conditions or problems afloat.

One to One / Race Training

The most effective way to learn difficult skills is to have the instructor to yourself! This is the fast track to real sailing, and will certainly improve your general sailing or racing with plenty of go-faster tips, boat handling advice and invaluable information on tactics and strategy.

Please give us a call for details of our personalised tuition and coaching, or if you'd like to organise a session for your club or sailing group.

A Wayfarer Level 1 Course about to turn around a buoy

A calm Sailing Course in Christchurch Harbour in a Wayfarer

Laser One to One Coaching

One to One Race Training